Potency & Dose

Bottles with homeopathic remedies. Aconite, arnica and belladonna pills.


Potency can also be referred to as the level of depth. In homeopathy we match the remedy to the person’s symptoms. Therefore we aim to match the depth, speed and intensity of the person’s symptoms to choose a potency.

If we follow the law of the minimum dose. We are told to give only the minimum dose required to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes.

So, when you give a remedy in an acute situation do not repeat the remedy when there are no symptoms.

  • After the first dose if symptoms continue repeat the remedy, 15 minutes – to one hour later. This depends on the intensity and level of discomfort. If symptoms remain unchanged after three doses review the case to see if there is a better remedy.
  • If symptoms improve wait to see if symptoms return before repeating the remedy.
  • If symptoms resolve, stop the remedy.

If you have too much of a remedy or too high a potency it may cause an aggravation. An aggravation is a worsening of the symptoms or a temporary resurfacing of old symptoms.

Acute or chronic?


Low potencies are 6c and 12c (6x)

A beginner or lay person without much experience (the home prescriber) will find these potencies easier to use. There is less chance of aggravation. And you may need to repeat them more often, as the effect won’t last as long.

They are safe to use in the very young, very old or someone with very little energy or low vitality.

Medium potencies are 30 c and 200c

30c is the most often used potency and can usually be used safely in the home situation. There are always exceptions though as some people are highly sensitive.

The medium potencies work faster and are generally for more serious conditions where the person has a moderate amount of energy. This potency is good for high intensity injuries and conditions such as a high fever. People requiring this potency usually have a good level of health. This includes high intensity emotional issues, examples of this are strong fears or a major shock. 200c and above are usually the potency of choice in these are instances.

High potencies are 1M, 10 M and higher.

These are potencies that a homeopath prescribes for you.  They are used  for very intense mental and emotional conditions or from trauma that has happened some time ago for instance concussion.

The effect from these potencies lasts a long time and you would generally not repeat them very often.




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