Homeopathy helping Surgery.

Surgical Remedies

Homeopathy works brilliantly both before surgery to ease the anticipatory anxiety and after surgery to reduce any complications of anaesthesia and the surgery itself, and well as hastening the recovery process.

Unsure about doses?

Anticipatory anxiety, fear

  • Aconite – unreasonable fear of dying, fearful and restless. Very good for agitated children after surgery.
  • Argentum nit – hurried, agitated. Anticipates the worst.
  • Pulsatilla – anxious, shy, clingy, tearful, particularly children.
  • Gelsemium- excessive anxiety with trembling, diarrhoea and urgent urination.


Post operative pain

  • Arnica -bruised pain, shock, and bruising. For all surgery.
  • Hypericum – pain from nerve rich areas including the mouth, fingers, toes and the spine. Shooting pain.
  • Bellis perenis – deep bryising and pain, uterus surgery.
  • Staphisagria – after laproscopy, incision pain, sharp, stinging, pain after invasive procedures.
  • Rhus tox – pain with stiffness, restlessness especially tonsillectomy, abdominal and eye surgery.
  • Chamomilla – oversensitive to pain and angry.


Nausea and Vomiting

  • Nux vomica – Much retching, irritable and angry, may have a headache also.
  • Phosphorus –craves ice cold water but vomits it up, anxious, confused and disoriented.
  • Ipecac – persistent nausea vomiting does not relieve nausea, profuse saliva.
  • Chamomilla – ill effects of morphine.
  • Arsenicum – violent and continuous vomiting, restless, exhausted and thirsty for sips.
  • Cocculus – nausea and vertigo even from the sight or smell of food.


Abdominal complications

  • Opium – bowel stasis often with vomiting, distension without pain, constipation.
  • China – painful flatulence trapped after surgery, better bending double and hard pressure, exhausted.
  • Carbo veg – abdominal stasis, pockets of gas that come up and then go down. Can’t get rid of wind.
  • Nux vomica – sharp, acute colic, ineffective desire to pass stool or urinate.
  • Raphaneus – small pockets of wind with colic pain, can’t get rid of pain.


Post-surgical bleeding

  • Phosphorus- copious discharge, bright red.
  • Ipecac- bright red gushing on movement.
  • Hamamelis- profuse, painful, slow, oozing, dark blood.
  • Strontium – slow, oozing dark blood with collapse, coldness and prostration.


Ill effects of anaesthetic.

Phosphorus, Chamomilla, Ant-tart, Nux vomica and Ipecac.

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