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Homeopathy helping Surgery.

By Revive | March 13, 2023

Surgical Remedies Homeopathy works brilliantly both before surgery to ease the anticipatory anxiety and after surgery to reduce any complications of anaesthesia and the surgery itself, and well as hastening the recovery process. Unsure about doses? Anticipatory anxiety, fear Aconite – unreasonable fear of dying, fearful and restless. Very good for agitated children after surgery.…

Homeopathic Remedies and care.

By Revive | October 3, 2022

Following the consultation, I will work out the best remedy for you to take at the time. Then, I will ask you to take small pilules that are to be dissolved in your mouth. Sometimes I will ask you to take a water dose, in order to do this you need to place two pilules…

Intermittent Fasting

By Revive | September 26, 2022

This involves eating for shorter periods of the day, for example eating for 8 hours and fasting for 16 hours. During the time of fasting, you only drink no calorie fluids. If you have been overweight for a longtime or your diabetes is more severe it may take longer to notice results. Always consult your…

Homeopathy and Chronic Disease

By Revive | September 2, 2022

Photo by Clint McKoy on Unsplash Homeopathy is an art and a science, and my aim is to cure the patient on the deepest level. Homeopathy addresses the inherited traits or miasms.  To help someone with deep seated disease I address the presenting symptoms taking into consideration the medical and family history of the person.…

Potency & Dose

By Revive | August 4, 2022

  Potency can also be referred to as the level of depth. In homeopathy we match the remedy to the person’s symptoms. Therefore we aim to match the depth, speed and intensity of the person’s symptoms to choose a potency. If we follow the law of the minimum dose. We are told to give only…

Acute or Chronic?

By Revive | July 10, 2022

An acute condition may be caused by getting chilled, eating bad food, becoming injured or emotional shock to name just a few. An acute condition is one that comes on quickly and has a limited duration from a day to two, three or four weeks. Typically, the symptoms come to a peak, can be intense…

Welcome to Revive Homeopathy

By Revive | June 14, 2022