Homeopathy and Chronic Disease

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Homeopathy is an art and a science, and my aim is to cure the patient on the deepest level.

Homeopathy addresses the inherited traits or miasms.  To help someone with deep seated disease I address the presenting symptoms taking into consideration the medical and family history of the person.

How effective is homeopathy in treating chronic disease?

It depends on the inherited traits of the case.

If you have a strong constitution (overall health and resilience) there is a great possibility of cure no matter what the disease process is.

However, if your defense mechanisms have been greatly weakened even the least serious disease may be incurable. For example, someone who has never had a very good level of health and or a person that doesn’t take very good care of themselves.

Hering’s law of cure

A good response to a remedy is seen when a patient heals from the top of the body down. The mental/ emotional level shows improvement followed by the physical symptoms. Healing will occur from the inside out, that means that the skin is normally the last organ to heal.

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Live well

To get the most out of a homeopathic treatment, I advise people to live the best way possible by;

  1. Limiting or stopping anything that would worsen their chances of recovery.
  2. I encourage you to eat the freshest, organic foods that are not over processed and drink water without added chemicals.
  3. Cutting down on or eliminating coffee, alcohol, and drugs.
  4. Working on mindfulness, yoga, meditation and so on. Spending time relaxing and exercising in the open air and getting into the sun.
  5. Use homeopathy for acute illness or accidents instead of pharmaceutical drugs. They all have side effects!
  6. Go easy on yourself and remember one step at a time and acknowledge any progress that you make.
  7. Spread the word help your friends make good choices also.

Become a happier and healthier you TODAY!!

Homeopathy is not an instant cure. Although I have seen some amazing results!

Remember how long that you have had the condition, this is relevant to how long recovery will take.

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