Homeopathic Remedies and care.

Following the consultation, I will work out the best remedy for you to take at the time.

Then, I will ask you to take small pilules that are to be dissolved in your mouth.

Sometimes I will ask you to take a water dose, in order to do this you need to place two pilules in half a glass of water and stir vigorously before each dose. Then, take one teaspoon.

  • Take in a clean mouth, 15 minutes away from food and drinks, other than water.
  • Don’t handle the remedy, use a spoon, tweezers or put on the lid of the bottle to dispense.
  • The person taking the remedy may touch the dose that he/ she is taking.
  • It may be slipped inside the cheek of a young child (taking care not to touch it) or animal by using a small spoon.
  • Don’t use essential oils while on the remedies.
  • Only drink coffee in moderation.


The pilules are fragile, make sure you;

  • Keep them away from direct heat, strong flavours, essential oils and electronic devices.
  • Keep them in the container in which they come in.

The remedies be anti doted by strong flavours in sensitive people.

Homeopathic remedies — like other medicines and natural health products — are best stored in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight, ideally in a cabinet. If you store your remedies like this, they will remain potent for many years.


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