Acute or Chronic?

An acute condition may be caused by getting chilled, eating bad food, becoming injured or emotional shock to name just a few.

An acute condition is one that comes on quickly and has a limited duration from a day to two, three or four weeks. Typically, the symptoms come to a peak, can be intense and then begin to resolve in a short time frame. The results are coughs, colds, wounds, sprains, bites, acute attacks of asthma for example.

A strong immune system has the capacity to rectify the disturbance and the person returns to their prior level of health, if not better health.

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An acute condition can become chronic if the body doesn’t have the vitality to right itself. This is particularly the case if the causation has not been removed. Chronic conditions come on slowly, a discomfort here, a small change there and become part of the person. They may have had the symptoms for many years but it may not be until it restricts everyday life that a person notices a problem, recurring conditions are also considered chronic. Examples of this are diabetes, cancer, asthma, migraines, arthritis and eczema.

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